Tuesday, October 30, 2012

$77K in Wiener's 2 SF PACs

With boundless ambitions, an extensive network of downtown and neighborhood donors, three taxpayer-funded assistants to help carryout his City Hall agenda, and some legislative notches on his belt, Scott Wiener is keeping himself moving forward on a self-created trajectory to run for mayor of San Francisco.

You read it here first. Every political move he makes is with an eye on ascending to Room 200 at City Hall and servicing at the first gay mayor. Gay, schmay, he's a rigid political climber who's slowly plotted his public service career with one goal - keep himself moving up the ladder - and deserves much scrutiny.

It's never too early to follow the money of an ambitious gay lawyer and politician. Let's go over some of his money trails.

His still-active Wiener for Supervisor 2010 has $59,300 in the bank, according to SF Ethics filings current through June 31, 2012. The Wiener for Democratic Country Central Committee 2012 filing through the same date shows he's got $17,700 in that account.

A lot of pols would love to be sitting on two nest eggs totaling $77,000 for use in various ways.

BTW, the SF Chronicle in June informed readers of the record-breaking amount he raked in for a seat on the Democratic Party central committee earlier this year:

Larry Bush, who publishes the CitiReport blog, said he’s never seen this much money flow in a DCCC race. Wiener alone raised $70,000, roughly double the second biggest money raiser, Zoe Dunning.

Raising that kind of dough bodes well for Wiener's reelection effort for a second four-year term as District Eight supervisor, and is enough to scare off potential contenders to challenge him and goddess knows, if there is any politician who need a decent opponent it's Wiener.

More on his other money trails coming soon.

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