Saturday, October 27, 2012

S.F. City Hall 
Flies Piss Pink Giants Flag

Because I was bullied as a sissy in grammar school with no interest or prowess for team sports, I don't follow major league sports and championships or know how teams make it to the playoffs but one thing I know for sure about the San Francisco Giants. Their team color is Giants orange.

Why then, is the mayor's balcony overlooking Civic Center flying a Giants flag the shade of piss pink?

Before going into City Hall late yesterday afternoon, I snapped these photos of the Giants flag with the wrong background color and wondered why this town has such a problem with simple flag displays:

I'd like to see Mayor Ed Lee fly a Giants flag from City Hall's balcony with the correct colors. Surely the city can locate one the proper size and string it up on Sunday as the team heads into the fourth game of the World Series.

This couple was spotted on Church near Market today wearing and riding the Giants fandom and color to the hilt. Here's how the photo shoot chat went between the driver and I:

"Are you guys fans of the Giants?"

"Yes, we are."

"Lemme grab some photos. Are you wearing orange underwear?"

"Nope, no underwear today!"

Hey, Ed Lee. Get a genuine Giants flag up at City Hall. Go Giants!

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