Saturday, October 27, 2012

Peeking at Wiener's Wiener
in City Hall Men's Room

Of all the luck an activist could ask for in terms of an impromptu run-in with an ambitious homosexual politician of the Democratic persuasion.

My new camera was ready for use in the second floor men's room at City Hall on Friday afternoon when I walked in. Scott Wiener was standing at the urinal and had just started to tinkle as I entered and the camera took 4-6 seconds to focus, enough time for him to put away his wiener and zipper up.

The only photo I caught was of him grabbing his toothbrush from the wash basin. He sighed heavily and with exasperation having to not only have to interact with me, but in a restroom and with a camera going off. I made small talk the beautiful day and he left in a huff.

After peeing, I rejoined my friends for a photo op in the rotunda near the Harvey Milk bust marking the visit of gay Honduran Erick Martinez to the Bay Area. More on all that soon.

In the meantime, mark your calender for November 1 at 9 AM for the monthly Merchants of Upper Market Castro meeting and mutual rim job with Wiener's butt. MUMC meets at the Eureka Valley Recreation Center on Collingwood.

Longtime community photographer Bill Wilson, who's been my trusted 'good cop' for almost two years on the rainbow flag reclamation project, and I are going to the meeting because we have a few outstanding issues with MUMC and Wiener.

Bill is at the end of his rope with MUMC's latest b.s. on the trans flag and he's going to the Nov 1 meeting to ask questions and yeah, he is well aware of how just attending never mind speaking up is in violation of MUMC's rulebook and they're not gonna be happy with him refusing to leave until his concerns are heard.

I've joked with Bill about this may be his Norma Gay moment, and how it's nice to have him play the 'bad cop' role for once!

If you give a damn about any or all of the problems with MUMC or Wiener and how they treat the Castro's public space and civic policies, please attend this early-hour meeting and speak directly to the two forces controlling too much municipal ground behind closed doors.

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