Sunday, October 21, 2012

Weekend Woof #13:
Sweet Boys, Furry Beefy Men

A bit light on original photos this week. I'm getting a new camera this week, so expect more and better-looking pics next weekend. As always, many thanks to the guys for posing in front my camera or those of my pals.

Say hello to Chad, one of the fine stable of boy waiters at Orphan Andy's on 17th Street in the Castro. I recently had dinner there with my trans girlfriend (and troublemaker extraordinaire) Veronika Fimbres and several nudist friends also sitting at the counter. Veronika was just shameless coming on to Chad and making him strike poses for our cameras.

If memory serves, the tall boy working that night with Chad is named Max, on the left. Making no pretense to hide her interest in Max's junk, Veronika rubbed her palm over his crotch for the pose and a five minutes more after I closed my lens.

This is Scott, who worked for Mayor Gavin Newsom back in 2006, waiting to speak at a rally in Harvey Milk Plaza. I developed a crush on him because he had the charm and vulnerability of Jeff Bridges from his "Last Picture Show" days. The photo was snapped by my comrade Clinton Fein.

And finally, this shot was taken by my friend Bill Wilson at the Dore Alley Fair in July. I occasionally see the beefy dude on the right, who lives in our neighborhood, and he's always putting out cheerful vibes when walking down Valencia Street. Glad Bill caught him and his equally beefy and slightly more furry friend at his side.

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