Monday, October 15, 2012

10/16 4PM Presser at Cliff's:
Trans Flag, MUMC Opacity, Boycott

Gay and trans advocates who've been demanding transparency for two-years from the Merchants of Upper Market and Castro regarding control of the Milk Plaza rainbow flag, are holding a news conference tomorrow. It will be at the store owned by MUMC president Terry Bennett.

What: Press Conference
Date: Tuesday, October 16
When: 4 PM
Where: Cliff's Variety Store, on the public sidewalk
Location: 479 Castro Street

The speakers include Veronika Fimbres, trans leader who forced MUMC to raise the Trans Pride flag on Day of Remembrance, Bill Wilson who will address MUMC's longstanding hostility to public engagement and opacity, and myself. I will address why my boyfriend will boycott Cliff's Variety Store until public meetings are held by MUMC in the Castro.

For more info, please contact me at 415-621-6267, or via email: The following letter, which has not received a response, will be read at the presser:

Proposed Annual Calendar of Rainbow Flag Modifications
(Hand-delivered on September 13, 2012, to Terry Bennett at Cliff’s Variety.)
Dear Merchants of Upper Market Castro:
We must begin a public dialogue about regular dates when the public’s rainbow flag display at Harvey Milk Plaza is modified, while also developing policies to respond quickly to President Obama’s proclamations for flag lowerings. Here is a calendar of suggested yearly modifications:

February: Bear Weekend, raise the Bear Pride flag.

May 17: International Day Against Homo and Trans Phobia, lower the flag.

May:  Memorial Day, lower the flag.

September 11:  9-11 Remembrance Day, lower the flag.

September: Leather Week, raise the Leather Pride flag.

November 11:  Veterans’ Day, fly lowered U.S. flag.

November 20: Trans Day of Remembrance, raise the Trans Pride flag.

December 1: World AIDS Day, lower the flag.

We also are requesting a meeting with the board of MUMC, to discuss this calendar and other ways to end the impasse and divisiveness over the flag, eventually coordinating together to make responsible and community-wide use of our flag.
A response is requested by the end of business on Friday, September 14. Thanks.
Best regards,
Veronika Fimbres, Michael Petrelis and Bill Wilson

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Anonymous said...

Sounds great. Will be there in the nude to show support for you. See you there.