Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Chamber of Commerce Presents
Wiener's Castro Summit on Nov. 7

If you need a reminder of Scott Wiener's, pictured left, shadow campaign for higher office above supervisor and his coziness with downtown business forces, look no further than this notice from the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce:

District 8 Neighborhood Business Summit 

Wednesday, November 7, 2012 
6:00 – 8:00 pm 
The Center 
1800 Market Street, at Octavia 

The Office of Supervisor Scott Wiener, the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce and local business and merchant associations are pleased to present the District 8 Neighborhood Business Summit . . .

The Neighborhood Business Summit is an excellent opportunity to meet elected and city officials, network with other merchants in District 8 and strengthen neighborhood business ties. 

Attendees can expect to: 
- Hear remarks specific to the district’s businesses from Supervisor Scott Wiener 
- Have a Question & Answer session with the Supervisor 
- Network with each other, city officials, community leaders and the Supervisor 

There is nothing in the chamber's announcement inviting members of the general public, the voters who don't have access to the supervisor and the merchants group who make public policies in private.

All the more reason to simply show up at this free event at the LGBT community center and finally have a public discussion with Wiener and the Merchants of Upper Market Castro.

One way to activate more of the public space in the Castro and restore good social health to how we handle differences, would be for Wiener and MUMC to begin engaging with the public at forums that all can attend. We are all ill-served by the current elitist approach of MUMC and Wiener's divide-and-conquer by never having his many adversaries all in the same room.

By the way, he's pulling his usual over-reach in his anti nudity legislation. As with other legislation from Wiener, it's initially draconian and he says he's open to modifications after listening to his opponents, giving folks the false impression that he's made a comprise.

But before the legislative process has begun he already knows the section of the nudity legislation pertaining to ass-less chaps' wearing outside of permitted street fairs, a major concern of leathermen, was inserted into the proposed language because he knows in advance its a compromise he's willing to grant.

Here's a community law to consider enacting and enforcing.

Before Wiener makes an introduction of legislation pertaining to the Castro's public spaces and general gayborhood issues, he must first hold a town hall forum in the community. He can still hold all the closed door meetings he wants at his office and with MUMC, but in addition to that he gotta present himself and the legislation at an open forum, like the one his friends at the chamber are presenting for him.

See you at the summit on November 7. Bring a few friends.

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