Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Malia and Sasha:
Why Obama Will be Reelected?

Not since Ike and Mamie Eisenhower were President and First Lady have we had a Commander in Chief with only sons. Their first son, Doud, died at age four of scarlet fever, and the second son, John, is still alive and 90-years-old. Every president since Ike has had at least one daughter.

The daughters include Caroline Kennedy, Lynda and Luci Johnson, Patricia and Julie Nixon, Susan Ford (whose brother Steven was a presidential son I had a major crush on), Amy Carter, Patti and Maureen Reagan, Dorothy Bush, Chelsea Clinton, and Jenna and Barbara Bush.

In modern times, seems clear to me that American voters prefer their presidents and their wives to have a daughter or two. Well, Barack and Michelle Obama have two adorable daughters Malia and Sasha, pictured, and I fully expect them to be spending another four-years in the White House and attending classes at the Sidwell Friends School. 

(Left-to-right: Tagg, Ben, Josh, Mitt, Matt and Craig Romney.)

Come January, I wager we'll see Ann and Mitt Romney and their brood of boys nursing their wounds over the lost presidential race at one of their many houses around the country. It gives me great pleasure to know that after the election, all of the Romney's will have plenty of time to take care of designing and installing their car elevator system at their San Diego compound.

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