Sunday, October 21, 2012

Wiener Killed Sunshine Panel:
13 Cancelled Meetings and Counting

I last wrote about the death throes of the Sunshine Ordinance Task Force, a demise brought on by downtown's favorite Supervisor, Scott Wiener, back in September when the number of cancelled SOTF meeting was at 7.

The current number of cancelled meetings since June is now at 13, according to the SOTF's web page, pictured. Unlucky number 13 should be the death knell for this deceased panel. No meetings are scheduled in the near future, or ever, as far as I've heard.

Except for the Bay Guardian and the Sunshine network of open government watchdogs, it's been as quiet as a mausoleum in terms of other supervisors raising public concerns or other publications covering the SOTF's shuttering or more citizens demanding the resurrection of the panel.

Here's what the screen grab looked like when only 7 meeting had been cancelled:

When Wiener officially announces he running for mayor in a few years, expect him to tout his killing of the SOTF as a reason to elect him to Room 200 at City Hall.

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