Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Pix of LGBT Historical Society's
Broken & Boarded Up Windows

The night the San Francisco Giants won the World Series, hundreds of fans poured into the streets of the Castro district for some partying. A few hours after midnight, plate glass windows at several businesses were damaged.

According to reports from the Castro Biscuit the Magnet gay health center, Harvey's Bar, Outfit Clothing and the GLBT Historical Society had windows smashed early Monday morning and are now in need of being replaced.

I was in the Castro late this afternoon and snapped some photos of the society's storefront, with one window boarded up, another held together with thick tape, signs saying they're open for business, metal barricades and orange plastic safety cones on display. Visual reminders of the drunken behavior of a few Giants fans.

Let's hope there is no more damage done to the gayborhood during tonight's unsanctioned Halloween revelry.

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