Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Welcome Hut Erected at Mission Street Homeless Center

That cloud of dust this afternoon hovering over the laborers on the City-owned site of bungalows on Mission Street across from the Walgreens store was thick.

There was a tractor rumbling in the center of the courtyard, construction workers sweeping up debris and checking out the ramp leading up to the newly-built welcome hut at the entrance, behind a fence.

I had to wait a few minutes for a breeze to blow through so I could snap a photo.

My post in January about Mayor Ed Lee's homeless czar Bevan Dufty and Department of  Public Works head Mohammed Nuru, holding an outdoor, evening meeting with the surrounding community and various stakeholders, reported they promised a March opening for a homeless navigation center on this site.

Judging by all the rehab and general contracting work going on behind the fence between the sidewalk and the welcome hut and the bungalows where homeless folks will live, I'd say Dufty and Nuru are on schedule to keep their promise.

Let's hope this homeless navigation center is a pathway forward to getting people off the streets and into services and eventually permanent housing.

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