Sunday, March 29, 2015

Weekend Woof #98: Bonjour, San Francisco

The Little Hollywood laundromat on Market near Laguna is the location where I met two handsome French bears this week. Alain and Christophe have lived together for twelve years, don't want to get married and earn livings as DJs.

They charmed the pants off of me, not literally unfortunately, with their enthusiastic love of San Francisco that was infectious. Wish they were hanging out a few more days before returning to Paris, because I would have live to spend time showing them my San Francisco.

I'm learning the bells and whistles of MovieMaker, so you'll notice a slo-mo effect for some of the street footage. Can't believe we're approaching the 100th edition of this queer photo and video series. Thanks to all the dudes that crossed my camera's lens.


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