Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Sup. Campos Avoids Reporter's Questions About Mission Housing

Can someone please serve District 9 Supervisor David Campos a bit of vegan cheese to go with the whine he made at the Board of Supervisors meeting yesterday? On the agenda was another supervisor's legislation introduced to curb monster construction in Corona Heights, which brought forth these words from Campos, captured by the closed-captioning function of SF GovTV:

"The difference actually between the two neighborhoods right now in terms of where corona heights is and where the mission is, is that we, in my office, have yet to actually introduced a formal proposal for the mission and yet there has been opposition already to something that hasn't even been presented but the reality is that in in each case neighbors want to slow down a certain type of development."

About a month ago, Campos sent up another one of his lead balloon ideas, this time about a moratorium on market rate housing in the Mission. Put aside the fact that Campos would not be able to muster the necessary votes among his colleagues to pass such a radical measure, because Campos is still twiddling his thumbs and hasn't shown anyone draft legislation for this moratorium. 

It's never too early to call Campos out on his nonsense. What's taking Team Campos so long to provide everyone with the moratorium legislation? 

I saw Campos outside City Hall yesterday and tried to question him about the Maximus Parnters' proposal for a huge building at the BART 16th Street Plaza and housing issues in the Mission. My video camera was rolling hoping he'd say a few comments, but he remained silent. Just more of the same from this lazy politician who is simply playing for time as his Supervisorial tenure heads into the sunset in 2016. It's not too late for Campos to learn how to play for keeps and become the fighter at City Hall that the Mission so desperately needs.

Here's my video. Pardon my mistake with the wrong year on the opening title card. The magazine he's holding is Car and Driver:

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