Friday, March 27, 2015

Proof Progressive Poobah Tim Redmond is a Peabrain?

For many of us San Francisco's political animals who live in the realty-based world, we long ago learned to look upon Tim Redmond for comedic relief and to consider doing the opposite of whatever he was proposing. He's so stuck in a 1970s hippie-think time warp.

Redmond now operates the 48 Hills blog and a few times each week, he serves as the trusted mouthpiece of the lazy and inept David Campos. He actually thinks Campos matters for anything other than a few laughs or as the target to vent frustration over the decimation of Latinos in the Mission and the disfigurement of the district.

Here's some silliness from Redmond dated Dec. 22, 2014:

"Supervisor David Campos has an idea that could revolutionize electoral politics in San Francisco – and it’s so simple that I’m amazed none of us thought of it before. Campos told me last week he wants to explore legislation to direct the Department of Elections to mail an absentee ballot to every registered voter in the city, every election. [...] This one could be fascinating. Watch for it in the new year."

The political landscape is so littered with examples of Campos supposedly exploring or drafting legislation he should be cited for polluting the political environment.

The absentee ballot idea may have merit, but this simple and potentially revolutionary suggestion as Redmond puts it is the 439th such time Campos had an idea pop into his head, yakked it up with someone who uses social media, it goes nowhere and progressives fail repeatedly to hold Campos accountable.

Should we break the news to Redmond that the first quarter of the new year is closing and there's nothing to watch out for from Team Campos?

Changing SFO's name to Harvey Milk Airport. Opening the Tamale Lady cafe in the Mission. A 24-bed queer homeless shelter in District 9 is taking more than 4 years to open. Maybe drafting fire prevention legislation. Perhaps writing a new market rate housing construction moratorium law.

An effective elected official Campos ain't, but he's the bee's knees to Redmond

And the beat goes on . . .

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