Sunday, March 22, 2015

ER + Cellulitis = Keflex & Bactrim: Yummy!

Lemme start off expressing deep gratitude I have public health insurance that covers visits to the emergency room, practically all of the fab folks at the SutterHealth Davies Campus ER I engaged with today have treated me in the past and my husbear Mike has kindly been laffing at my weak jokes.

My right ankle and lower calf muscle are infected with cellulitis. The swelling, pain level of 4 outta 10, and warmth of the problem area are a bit diminished after a few doses of the antibiotics I have to take week, keflex and bactrim.

The ER said an infection got under my skin and their first fear that my problem was a blood clot, were thankfully unfounded. The doctor treating me was the same woman who was on duty when I had that episode of Bell's palsy.

You may recall she and I got into friendly argument, so she knew my condition then with the droopy face and speech impediment was not stroke, and today we picked up where we left off. Needless to say, I like her personality and she's helped me twice now with health challenges.

When I came home and told Mike about the cellulitis, he mockingly congratulated me on racking up yet another weird disease out of the blue. After almost 19-years together, he still brightens my every day.

So, I'm resting, drinking a lot of water, had two naps, skipped the double-feature film noir program at the Roxie Theater. Yeah, life is sure strange and I'm incredibly happy to still be alive experiencing one more health challenge.

And how was your Sunday?

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