Thursday, March 12, 2015

Mission Housing Activists' 3/16 Meeting: Target City Hall 

After months of dysfunction with the Plaza 16 coalition's steering committee and misguided influence of professional community organizers from local nonprofits regarding advance agendas, lack of active committees and little transparency about who's in charge, my activist bones were tickled to receive this invitation.

(Hernandez speaking with Barbara Garcia, SF Department of Public Health boss. Credit: Bill Wilson Photos.)

It's from longtime Mission resident and organizer of the annual Carnivale Celebration Roberto Hernandez. Finally, a grassroots organizing effort that informs potential participants how they'll spend their time, issues to be discussed and a proposed action targeting City Hall. Needless to say, I've put this on my calendar! From Hernandez:

The "Invasion of the Mission" is at an all time record high by nine, 9, developers.These developers' plans are to build market rate housingCombined all the units they propose to build it's over 1,000.
Currently over 3,000 children are homeless most are Latino/as and a lot from the Mission.

We have been on the defense! Now is time to get on the offense! We been talking about how do we build affordable housing. Now is the time!

Date: MONDAY, MARCH 16, 2015
Time: 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM  
Location: The L CAFE, 2871 - 24th Street, near Florida


1. Welcome & Introductions - 5 minutes

2. Vision for all of us to work together effectively to manage the invasion -  5 minutes

3. Details of the 9 proposed developments  ~ 10 minutes

4. Creation of 9 Committees to monitor each development ~ 10 minutes
5. Role & Responsibility of Committees ~ 10 minutes

6. Sign up for a Committee ~ 10 minutes

7. Proposal to build 3,000 new units of Affordable Housing in the Mission - 10 minutes

8. Sites to build affordable housing - 10 minutes

9. Purchase of properties that go up for sale by non-profit community based Mission organizations - 10 minutes

10. Purchase of properties by social responsible entrepreneurs ~ 10 minutes 

11. Sign up on Committee to Build Affordable Housing in the Mission

12. Draft of Demands to the City of San Francisco  ~ 10 minutes 

13. Proposed Mission Day of Action at City Hall  ~ 10 minutes
      i: Board of Supervisors members
      ii: Planning Commission members
      iii: Mayor Ed Lee

14. Sign up for Mission Day Action at City Hall - 10 minutes

15.   Announcements

Time to build Affordable Housing in the Mission by the People! 

Si Se Puede!

Roberto Y Hernandez
Our Mission No Eviction

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