Wednesday, March 04, 2015

UC Berkeley's 'All Genders' Bathroom Signs Go Up

The Pacific Film Archive, which is on the UC Berkeley campus, last night screened Claude Lanzmann's three-and-half-hour Holocaust doc "The Last of the Unjust", and when I used the bathroom I noticed the signs that say Men's or Women's were papered over.

I shot footage of the new signs declaring the bathrooms "All Genders" because this change is good, because it recognizes the needs of our friends and family who are transgender, intersex, gender non-conforming, agender and all other gender identities.

All people have to pee and relieving oneself shouldn't be a hassle or against the law singling out trans and other folks from using restrooms anywhere. Check out my vid:

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Anonymous said...

Meanwhile, in SF, a transwoman who is on a jihad to eradicate gay male sex space has succeeded in getting the back patio at the Powerhouse shut down.

And she's boasting about it on her Facebook page.