Saturday, March 07, 2015

Trans Woman Forces Closure of SF Queer Male Sex Space

Don't approve of abortion? Don't have one. Not into queer male sex spaces? Stay out of them, but let those who are into such venues have them. That's my philosophy.

I've not followed all the ins and outs of San Francisco trans woman Lily Lambda's problems with the Powerhouse kink bar on Folsom Street and its backroom, but she's apparently forced the owner to shut down that space.

It's infuriating to see one more piece of queer male sex space disappear, hopefully just temporarily, from San Francisco. This image is from Lily Lambda's Facebook page, where you can find more of her rants and deets.

Let's be honest. For gay men in San Francisco, we've been the target of sex police and the Department of Public Health's stigmatizing and sex-negative policies for three decades over the ban on bathhouses. We've endured too many well-funded hysterical social marketing campaigns about our sexuality.

Peep shows with glory holes and sex clubs dwindle to the single digits. Nudity in the streets is banned, unless it's well-controlled by the SFPD and other government forces. Street sex us verboten at the Folsom Street and Dore Alley kink fairs.

Sure would be great to see gays act up against all of the forces allied against us, our sex venues and erotic habits.


Rick said...

She's just jealous that everyone is playing in glory holes except for hers.

Anonymous said...

According to her and her five accomplices, the PoHo has now been transformed into "a trans women's bar." At least until it shuts down for lack of business -- and then whom will they harass?

Anonymous said...

No joke she used to troll for sex back there (with limited success). But allegedly she got tired of most guys saying no and reported the place to the cops as an unsafe environment for women. When she was literally there flagging a light blue bandanna in her left pocket! (AKA looking to suck dick in the old school leather hanky codes.) And yes, she knows what it means, she bragged about it on her FB page.

Anonymous said...

Funny. So, in addition to using language usually favored by right-wing Christian Republicans in the service of her anti-fun agenda, she is (again, just like so many Republicans) a total hypocrite.