Tuesday, March 10, 2015

No Homeless Folks or Open Mic at SF Homeless Forum

Don't get enough of lecturing and pontificating from members of the Board of Supervisors during their weekly meetings at City Hall which, by the way, never schedule public comment at a fixed time so you have to wait for hours for them to hush up so the taxpayers can speak?

Are you in need of hearing from nonprofit executives, most likely saying they need more money, and from a member of the Mayor's staff touting his homeless navigation center, as he steamrolls to his November coronation, er, reelection campaign?

Not interested to listen to what current or former homeless people, or you and other members of the general public, have to say about homeless in San Francisco? If yes, there's a forum for you.

Homeless Inc and Mayor Ed Lee's homeless czar Bevan Dufty and his staff are putting on a three hour meeting tomorrow, March 11, at the Nourse Auditorium on Van Ness at Grove Street, and it's an event I'll be sure to miss. Some info on the agenda:

6pm - Open networking 

6:40pm - Welcome
Kara Zordel, Executive Director of Project Homeless Connect

7:00pm - Presentations:
SF Navigation Center: Sam Dodge, Mayor’s Office of Housing Opportunity, Partnerships, & Engagement (Deputy Director)
Crowdfunding for Neighbors in Need: Rose Broome, HandUp (Founder)
Mobile Showers for the Homeless: Doniece Sandoval, Lava Mae (Founder)
Ending Veteran and Chronic Homelessness: Emily Nolan, The Rapid Results Institute (Catalyst)
Tent Villages: Arondo Washington Cox, Camp Unity (Camp Supervisor)

8:05pm - Panel Discussion:
Gary Kamiya, San Francisco Magazine (Editor)
Supervisor Jane Kim, City & County of San Francisco
Supervisor Mark Farrell, City & County of San Francisco
Sherilyn Adams, Larkin Street Youth Services (Executive Director)
Jeff Kositsky, Hamilton Family Center (Executive Director)
Joe Wilson, Hospitality House (Program Manager)

8:55pm - Closing Talk
Greg Gopman, Founder of A Better SF
Kara Zordel

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