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Plaza 16 Sunshiners: Planning Dept Status of 1979 Mission

There needs to be more transparency over the 1979 Mission condo project being pushed by Maximus Partner and the Plaza 16 made more of a functional coalition with various actors and factions, which is why I've formed the Plaza 16 Sunshiners. It's an affinity group out to educate about govt documents and various public files, how to obtain them, what to do when records requests are denied, and the importance of sharing responsive records on the web.

I've kvetched lately that there's no concise report out there about where the planning and approval process is for 1979 Mission. Well, this document was distributed at a fall meeting of Plaza 16, which I wasn't at, and is exactly the doc I need to bring me up to speed. Surely a few deets must have changed since this was circulated, but it's a fab primer for me, maybe others too.

Btw, I followed the link at the very end to the planning department's property search engine and looked up the latest figures and such on 1979 Mission. Color me shocked to read the land mass for it worth only $1,082,055. Seems the land alone should be worth way more, given the sizzling hot property values of the Mission. Here's the primer:

1979 Mission
Planning Department Status
September 25, 2014

Conditional Use

In order to receive building permits for 1979 Mission, Maximus must receive a Conditional Use Authorization from the Planning Commission.  The Planner overseeing this process, Doug Vu, does not know when the Commission will consider this Conditional Use, but is confident it will not be in 2014.

Planning Department Contact:  Doug Vu, 415-575-9120,

Appropriate Environmental Document

An Environmental Review that considers 18 aspects must be completed before the Conditional Use can proceed.  The Planning Department will evaluate background technical reports on a variety of factors to determine if it will require a more extensive Environmental Impact Report on some of those 18 environmental topics.  These reports will most likely be issued in early 2015, and will be open to public comment at that time.

Planning Department Contact:  Debra Dwyer, 415-575-9031,

Transportation Study

One important environmental factor is transportation and parking.  By Planning Code, the 1979 Mission project requires no parking spaces, except for an off-street loading space if the gross floor area of the commercial uses exceeds 10,000 square feet and two spaces for commercial uses exceeding 60,000 square feet.  Maximus is proposing 155 off-street parking spaces (22 for retail, 133 for residential) in an underground garage accessible from Capp Street.

Planning Department Contact:  Andrea Contreras, 415-575-9044,

Shadow Study

The Planning Department will consider shadow impacts from the proposed development as part of its Environmental Review, especially new shadows on SF Recreation & Park properties (required by 1984’s Prop K) and other public open spaces, like the BART Plaza (required by California Environmental Quality Act).

Planning Department Contact:  Doug Vu, 415-575-9120,

This information comes from telephone and email conversations with Planning Staff and from  Enter 1979 Mission in address box.

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