Thursday, March 19, 2015

Campos Expanded SF Police Activity at BART's Plaza 16

What, if anything, he doing now about these plazas?

Strange as it seems, Mission Supervisor David Campos, generally missing-in-action on most crucial issues of the district, took action to address several public safety and public health concerns at the 16th Street BART Plazas more than a year-and-a-half ago. He was gearing up his campaign for state assembly at the time.

According to the last newsletter from Campos and his three paid aides, which came out in October 2013, they reported on several actions involving various City departments to clean up the plazas. Everything from getting more police officers on patrol to getting BART to power-clean the surfaces to helping SRO residents.

He also promised a public hearing. Assuming it took place and wasn't just another hot air idea from Campos, if you know info about the hearing, lemme know. Same goes for other big promises he makes here. Excerpts from his last newsletter to constituents. Note that expanded police presence is his number one item:

"Here is a list of some of our accomplishments and works-in-progress: 
"1)      Increasing community policing in the area: We have secured 2 additional food beat [sic] police officers who are in the plaza daily, as well as two additional police radio cars who work along the mission corridor during high crime hours. SFPD is also now increasing the foot patrol of Capp Street and along Mission Street towards 17th since receiving reports that drug activity is moving to these areas.
"2)      Ensuring regular cleaning of the plaza. We have been in regular communication with BART to ensure that steam and power cleaning occurs at the BART Plaza daily. DPW is also cleaning 16th street daily. 
"3)      Improving the climate and bathroom access at the plaza.  We are working with Mission Neighborhood Center to create two stipended positions for peer navigators to monitor the use of the public bathroom in the plaza and help de-escalate conflicts.
"4)      Increasing services and housing access for homeless and disabled people who spend time in the plaza. We are working with Bevan Dufty, the director of The Mayor's Housing Opportunity, Partnerships & Engagement (HOPE) to increase the engagement of SF HOT Team workers in this area, and to secure at least 15 stabilization rooms for homeless people who spend time at 16th and Mission.
"5)      Improving conditions in the surrounding SROs.  We are working with the City Attorney's office, HOPE and SRO advocates to develop strategies to improve conditions in the surrounding SROs."

Did any of this really happen? Who in the Mission community has demanded accountability from Team Campos regarding his promises. Enlighten me, please, if you have facts to share.

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