Monday, June 30, 2014

Our Campaign Receives a California FPPC Number

When we sought advice from the San Francisco Ethics Commission about filing our Form 410, which is required of all candidates who receive $1,000 or more in contributions, we were told the California Secretary of State's office would take approximately two-weeks to process our application and $50 filing fee.

Since we are very close to hitting that $1,000 mark, we want to make sure we have a Fair Political Practices Commission identification number as required by law.

Our Form 410 was snail mailed last Tuesday and on Saturday, our campaign treasurer Mike Merrigan received a paper letter informing him and the campaign that we have been assigned an FPPC ID number, and it's 1367765.

We're quite pleased to see state government working so quickly and that turn around time was less than the expect two weeks.

If you've already donated, we again say thanks, and if you have not yet contributed, please do so today by sending a check to this address and be sure to include your snail mail address and occupation or employer: Petrelis 4 Supervisor 2014, PO Box 14943, San Francisco, CA 94114.

Your support and donations are both needed and much appreciated.

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