Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Muni, Clear Channel Power-Wash BART Plaza Bus Shelter

My efforts to make the 16th Street BART plazas more sanitary for all users of these public spaces continues to bear fruit.

(Top of the NW shelter before I made my request.)

After lodging a complaint on Monday with the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency, requesting immediate cleansing of the two bus shelters on 16th Street with disgusting pigeon poop crust on the tops and elsewhere, spokesman Paul Rose shared this info on Tuesday:
We have received your email. I can confirm the shelters have been power washed and cleaned today by Clear Channel. I will check on the traffic signals and get back to you tomorrow morning on that item. Thanks for the feedback.
(After I my complaint was lodged, the shelter roof was bird poop free.)

On Wednesday morning, I peddled over to the plazas to inspect the work by Clear Channel and found that indeed the north west Muni shelter was cleaned, but saw that the south east one was still in need of washing and I sent a followup note to Rose. He replied:
Clear Channel is going back out to ensure that those shelters are clean. Also, we plan to replace or clean the traffic signals by the end of next week. Thanks again. 
I am optimistic Clear Channel will get all of the bus shelters power-washed in another day or so, and it is good to learn that the SF MTA recognizes the street and traffic signs are so terribly streaked with pigeon poop caked on the surfaces that they may be taken down and new ones put up.

It will take vigilance on my part to make sure the SF MTA, Clear Channel, the Department of Public Works and the Department of Public Health all work diligently to maintain a high level of good sanitation in as much of the BART plazas as possible.

Let's take a moment to laud these entities for not only taking swift action to solve the public health hazards, but they've also put in writing to me their actions taken and planned.

If I eventually receive written communication from BART authorities or Supervisor David Campos' office about their actions to restore some cleanliness to the plazas, I'll share that info.

In the meantime, please support and donate to my campaign for District 8 Supervisor through my Facebook page and be sure to at minimum like the page. 

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