Saturday, July 26, 2014

Weekend Woof #84: Cruising Castro Cuties

By any standard, this week has been hot and occasionally humid leading many men and boys to shed some of their clothes. I've been out on the campaign trail in the Castro and elsewhere around District 8, and took time out to snap a few photos of guys attractive to my queer eye.

I saw these two mature furry faced duded within ten minutes of each other, while campaigning in front of Harvey's Bar and Restaurant at Castro and 18th Streets.

The cub on top cracked wise about wanting something more solid than a banana to stuff in his mouth, as he begin his barback shift at the Midnight Sun. On the bottom in blue is my friend Seth who was cruising and smoking a cigarette on 18th Street last weekend.

Various young men who don't fall into the cub category but nonetheless have an eye-candy appeal. The guy in the last photo, in the flesh, bore quite a resemblance to Tatum Channing and could pass for his younger brother.

And how was you week for cruising handsome males?

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