Friday, July 18, 2014

Questionnaire from SF Bike Coalition Excites Us

As lifelong bicyclists, we are always eager to promote biking as a daily means of transportation that is fun, healthy for the body and mind, not to mention a benefit to our environment. Just how committed is Michael to a minuscule carbon footprint and biking as an integral part of life? The fact that he's never learned to drive a car, forget about owning a fossil fuel vehicle, tells you how deep his commitment is.

So we were delighted to receive a questionnaire this week from Chema Hernández Gil, the community organizer for the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition, and a this note:

On behalf of the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition, I congratulate you on your candidacy for Supervisor of San Francisco.

With hundreds of thousands of people bicycling regularly in San Francisco, many of them our members, we are eager for candidates to understand and support our vision for a city that is safe, welcoming and accessible for all to move around by bikes. We hope that you will find the information below helpful as you shape your campaign platform and as you interact during the campaign with San Franciscans — a growing number of whom are already biking.

The attached letter provides useful information about our organization and endorsement process, so please be sure to read through to the end. So, please review the attached document for information on our endorsement process and how you may submit your responses to the Candidate Questionnaire. The deadline is Friday, July 25th, at 4PM.

One aspect of this coalition's endorsement process that we especially approve of is how they post every candidate's answers on their web site, along with our photos and links to our campaign web sites. How cool is that, in terms of building awareness for an alternative candidate like Michael?

Rest assured, we'll respond way in advance of the SFBC's deadline and look forward to engaging with their members as the election season progresses.

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