Saturday, July 26, 2014

Print Your Own Window Sign in Color or B/W 

It gives us great pleasure to announce that Mitch Hightower, our fabulous campaign strategist and brilliant graphic designer, has created downloadable black-and-white and color versions of our window sign for you to print at home or work.

We're a serious alternative campaign with no budget for posters, which means we need your assistance in DIY Democracy. Follow this link ( to our stand-alone site and print your own signage.

After you place the sign in your window, snap a photo of it or take a selfie holding your sign to post on social media. Remember to tag your photo on social media with @Petrelis4Supe8 or #ILikeMikeSF

We already have our first sign on display in a street-level business and in an extremely visible location.

One of our chiropractors, Dr. Andy Lesko, runs a very popular storefront combination office, alternative healing clinic and gallery featuring his artwork on Valencia Street near Duboce tucked inside the boundaries of District 8. We've received adjustments from him since the 1990s and consider him also as our good neighbor and friend.

Last week, Dr. Andy cheerfully placed our campaign poster in his window, which is seen not only by his many patients but also the hundreds of pedestrians and bicyclists who walk and peddle by his storefront every day. Many thanks, Dr. Andy!

Please follow his example and print out our campaign sign for your own window or selfie today.

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