Sunday, July 06, 2014

Weekend Woof #81: Drunk Hunk, Berkeley Beef

Last night, after catching a screening of Derek Jarman's low-budget-and-proud-of-it queer erotic "Sebastiane" at the Pacific Film Archive in Berkeley, I took BART back to the city.

The young beefy inked dude boasted about being drunk and glad he wasn't driving a car. When I gave him up-and-down cruising, while hugging the woman he was with, he nodded a sign of being fine with my queer eye upon his bod. Be sure to mute the vid and avoid the loud train noises.

Once I stopped taping and snapping him, he looked me in the eye, grinned with a toothpick between his teeth and said thanks. Um, he's the one to thank for graciously allowing me to capture him for my blog.

This beefy fella works in customer service at the Berkeley Bowl on Oregon Street and I always find a reason to chat him up. Yesterday was the first time I grabbed a photo of him.

Say hello to the very handsome and friendly Cooper the next time you're in the Castro. He works at the Worn Out West shop on Market Street.

I see London, I see France, I see the color of your underpants and the big meat you've got swinging between your legs! Saw these guys on Pride Sunday as they marched up to the Castro in the early evening.

As I rode my bike past City Hall after the Pride celebration was over, I saw this furry faced sweetie and noticed he was carrying a paperback book in his meaty hand. Who goes to Pride with book? He does!

Thank goodness this young man wasn't troubled with chill as the sun set on Pride and his chest last weekend. Not a goose bump on him.

And how was your week for guy-watching?

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