Tuesday, July 08, 2014

We've Exceeded Our Fundraising Goal 

In the spring, we set out to raise $700 to make sure we had enough for the Department of Elections filing fee and some funds left in the bank. We asked supporters for donations and today we're quite pleased to announce we not only raised what we set as our goal but we're just above the four-figure mark.

Our total amount raised as of today stands at $1,041.

We're posting the names of donors and amounts given since it will be part of the public record and also because we are committed to transparency. All of this information must be shared with the Ethics Commission when we file our finance report later month.

Please consider joining the ranks of these fine individuals and contributing today to our campaign. Details on how to donate are located on the upper left side of our Facebook opening page.

Thank you, all donors, for your generosity:

Jackson Bowman: $5, Brian Busta: $50, Joey Cain: $10, Gregg Cassin: $1, Patrick Connors: $20, Amanda Lynn Grazier $75, Mitchell Halbetstadt: $50, David Hyman: $20, Mark S. King: $25, Mark Ilvonen: $25, Joe Imbriani: $20, John Iversen: $50, Isak Lindenauer: $20, Ron Merk: $25, Elizabeth Meixell: $20, Michael Merrigan: $100, Greg Milward: $25, John Petrelis: $80, Daniel Ponce: $20, Gabriel Proo: $100. Angela Speziale: $50, Wayne Turner: $100, Marie Weingart: $100, Bill Wilson: $50.

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