Thursday, July 03, 2014

Save the Castro's Safeway Recycling Center 

We've been informed that the incumbent District 8 Supervisor is calling for the closure of the recycling center located on a sliver of the Castro's Safeway property at Market and Duboce Street.

Our campaign fully endorses saving the recycling facility and keeping it open for the many homeless, working poor, LGBT and straight seniors and persons with AIDS who depend on it to bring in a few bucks. The incumbent reports that the center was supposed to shut down on Monday, June 30, pursuant to a court order and that the Sheriff's Department is responsible for executing that order at the direction of Safeway.

We rode by the center this afternoon and were gratified to see it's operating just fine. In this city, with an ever-expanding chasm between the rich and everyone else, every opportunity for the poor and low-income to have a funding stream must be maintained.

Let's save the Safeway recycling center for all users.

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