Sunday, July 20, 2014

Weekend Woof #83: Boys, Beefs, Blacks, Beards

Ah, the visual pleasures of being on the campaign trail and pressing the flesh, so to speak and so I wish, of hunky homos and men of unknown sexual identities and erotic interests. What they all have in common is being caught by the lens of my camera.

Check out and like our Facebook campaign page, please, and widely circulate the link that page and our stand-alone site, which is where you go to make donation and support my District 8 Supervisor race.

A couple of beefy boys seen strolling through the Castro farmers' market on Wednesday afternoon as the Petrelis for Supervisor campaign held an outreach effort on the street.

Hello, dashing Daddy with the super sexy beard covering up his chinney-chin-chin. Hands down, or all over his fuzz and fur, the Best Beard of the Day winner.

Two beefs riding the BART train back from the Pacific Film Archive and the dude wearing the watch had the best set of tree-trunk thighs and beautifully develop calves I've seen on any young man in these parts all year.

These two young men were at the Women's Building for different meetings. The one with a kooky declaration on his tee shirt, was there for meeting on the second floor, while the man texting is Roscoe and he was at the Harvey Milk Democratic Club. Roscoe lives in District 8 and I hope to earn his top and only vote.

A reminder to queer guys and their admirers. Next Sunday, July 27 is the Dore Alley street kink fair. I'll be on the prowl snapping pix and hope to see you there!

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