Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Sunshine Panel: SF Mayor Violating Open Govt Ordinance

Our effort to follow the $250,000 in City tax dollars that flow to Charlotte Shultz's nonprofit San Francisco Host Committee eventually led us to file a complaint with the Sunshine Ordinance Task Force.

It was our contention that the Mayor's Office of Protocol, headed by Ms. Shultz, possessed responsive records about the cost of the December gala ball at City Hall and related documents related to the committee, use of City funds and Mayor Ed Lee.

Our complaint was heard at the June 4 SOTF meeting, which we blogged about beforehand, and the task force members found the Mayor and his protocol deputy Matthew Goudeau in violation of the sunshine ordinance, as shown in the above image.

So much for Mayor Lee's public relations commitment in 2012 to open data for citizens wanting City documents.

The compliance and amendments committee of the SOTF today at 4 pm will meet to hear from Goudeau about this violation on the part of the Mayor, and we will of course be in attendance.

We're very happy the task force serves this great service to the citizens and taxpayers, where we can complain when public records are withheld or meetings held in secret or other open government laws are broken, and we again call on the Board of Supervisors to allocate funds to air SOTF meetings on SFGovTV.

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