Sunday, August 03, 2014

Will District 8 Supervisor Appear at 8/4 Court Hearing? 

This press release went out this morning to local media.

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For Immediate Release

District 8 Supervisor candidate Michael Petrelis seeks to be allowed to participate in the campaign season now in full swing without violating the existing stay-order that requires he not come closer than 150 feet of the incumbent.

Judge Sam Feng has scheduled a second hearing to consider Petrelis' motion to amend the order and takes place on Monday, August 4th at 9 am at the Hall of Justice located at 850 Bryant Street, in his courtroom (Department 13, on the second floor).

Despite failing to file paperwork by the court's deadline for last week's hearing, the District 8 Supervisor and the District Attorney have objected to any modification.

Will the incumbent Supervisor show up in court and face the man he accused? Join us at the court and see for yourself.

A press conference will be held immediately after the hearing on the steps of the courthouse.

Questions can be directed to Michael Petrelis:
Phone: 415-621-6267

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