Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Chicken Supe Won't Debate
By Todd Swindell and Michael Petrelis
(Cross-posted at https://www.facebook.com/petrelis4supe8 on August 10.)

Voters in San Francisco's District 8 won't have the opportunity to see the incumbent Supervisor debate all of his opponents including Michael, because his campaign this week told local news outlets of his refusal fully participate in the democratic process.

As you know, Judge Sam Feng on Monday granted leeway for debates to take place with MIchael present and that would in no way violate the stay-away order and we thought DIY democracy was enhanced with the judge's ruling.

However, two local news outlets are reporting that the incumbent campaign issued a statement declaring his hardline opposition to joining any events where Michael will be on the panel.

This development comes after the Supervisor told a local gay newspaper in June that he would participate in debates.

Our intent is to speak at as many endorsement panel meetings and debates as possible, and if Michael's presence deters the incumbent from engaging in this important aspect of democracy, so be it.

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