Sunday, August 24, 2014

Weekend Woof #87: Boys, Boys, Boys

I took a hiatus last weekend from this photo series that aims to please the queer eye, and now I'm back with a new edition. In my estimation, none of the fellas in these images is over forty so that qualifies them as boys.

These two guys look good enough to eat in their red shirts, as they passed through Harvey Milk Plaza.

What a great head of dark, curly on this biker dude riding a Muni bus last week. His facial fuzz was also fine to look at.

Two built guys, both wearing tight white shirts and sporting white earbuds, adding male beauty to the Castro gayborhood.

Not sure what drug he was on, but he was happy to show off some of the tattoo on his bicep on a BART train that was overly bright.

Do you like your young beef in tank tops on the lean or hefty side? Me, I'll take the dude on top. And how were your last two week for male-gay-zing?

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