Tuesday, August 05, 2014

First Economic Statement Filed 2-Days Before Deadline

This was written by Todd Swindell and Michael Petrelis

Our campaign is justifiably delighted to not only have successfully filed our first economic statement with the San Francisco Ethics Commission, but we filed two full days ahead of the July 31 deadline.

Michael and his longtime partner Mike Merrigan attended the required commission training in April, stayed on top of deadlines, and when needed were communicating frequently with commission deputies and workers at the Department of Elections.

On July 29, we spent almost an hour on the phone with a terrifically helpful Ethics deputy together making sure our data was properly entered, then taking the actual electronic steps necessary to file our Form 460.

We have been painfully aware of how the progressive community and its political institutions provide no training or support to activists who want to run for elected office.

Basically, you're on your own figuring out the paperwork, filing deadlines and adhering to local and state laws, while also gathering signatures and raising funds, speaking before clubs and advocacy organizations, and contending with invitations to answer questionnaires or attend listening sessions organized by unions.

If progressives in this town want to get more of their ilk elected and have their hands on the levers of power, they must begin training a cadre of potential candidates and leaders, of all varieties from serious and to alternative and message challengers, in how to navigate the election process.

Back in November, we pulled papers intending to get on the ballot and we achieved that goal, and have tremendously enjoyed engaging with voters and citizens in our unique do-it-yourself brand of democracy.

Every step has been a valuable lesson learned and we can't say it often enough: thank you for assisting us in this campaign!

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