Friday, June 13, 2014

Correction at SF Weakly Fails to Note Original Error

Just how piss-poor are the low journalistic standards at the SF Weakly? In the basement.

Earlier today at my campaign Facebook page and here on my blog, my volunteer and friend Todd Swindell scrutinized the lame errro-filled reporting of David Elijah Hahmod and editing by Erin Sherbert about a photo taken by Patrick Connors of Sup. John Avalos in a City Hall men's room, and used in a poster totally created by Mitch Hightower.

Note in the above image from the original posting, cache version here, that the SF Weakly writes, "So he went ahead and made this parody poster explaining as much. So he recruited Avalos to parody the bathroom pose." News to me!

Let's look at the amended version of the story above, which omits stating it's been changed: "So he went ahead and advertised this parody poster explaining as much, using a photo of John Avalos which was shot by Patrick Connors and created as a political poster by nudist Mitch Hightower."

I sure would like to know where I advertised the poster and how much I paid for the ad. Nice of the Weakly to finally note who snapped the Avalos photo and designed the poster!

And make note of the different font for the added text.

Additionally, while the rag has noted who created the poster they haven't changed their mistaken headline falsely claiming I made it. I repeat my earlier suggestion. SF Weakly should send Sherbert and Nahmod to a Journalism 101 class at City College of San Francisco. They need to learn some basics of reporting.

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