Monday, June 09, 2014

Gay Activist Snaps Pic of SF Supervisor in Men's Room

My friend and gay activist Patrick Connors, who travels in many diverse political circles, managed to persuade Sup. John Avalos, a straight-but-not-narrow elected official and clearly one with a sense of humor, to strike a pose in the men's room on the second floor of City Hall this afternoon.
Not sure if the Avalos image is an homage or parody, or maybe even satirical homage, but it's damn fine to see some levity like this.

Patrick is a prolific tweeter as @UppityFag and of his own volition, created the multi-photo image above that he's sharing on Twitter. Many thanks to Patrick and Sup. Avalos for their fabulous photo-op, not to mention giving me and husband good, hearty laughs.

The photo in the upper right of the incumbent District 8 Castro Supervisor at the sink with a toothbrush was what I snapped back in October 2012 and led to him going on a charge-shopping expedition. That eventually landed me in legal hot water, eight months of clogging the court and costing the City an estimated $26,000 to teach me a lesson. Sheesh. If only the Castro Supervisor and his small . . . ego had taken the matter to the Human Rights Commission and saved the City money.

Don't forget, I'm running for Supervisor of District 8 and head over to my Facebook campaign page now and please like it.

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