Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Nudist Spanks Castro Sup. Over Men's Room Photo

To recap: In late October 2012, before staging a photo-op at the Harvey Milk Bust at City Hall, I had to use the men's room and inside was the District 8 Supervisor. Foolishly, I took a photo of him at the sink and thus began his pricey taxpayer-funded legal vendetta against.

After eight months of investigation and prosecution by the sheriff's department, the police force and the district attorney, a plea bargain was struck and signed by a Superior Court judge in June 2013.

Earlier this week, my friend LGBT political activist Patrick Connors had lunch with Sup. John Avalos and somehow persuaded him to strike a pose in the same City Hall men's room parodying the pic that got me into legal trouble. Part of the oddness is that Avalos are not allies and I can't recall the last time I had a conversation with him.

Why he agreed to Patrick's great stunt is the big unanswered question. After all, Avalos has to work with the weener Supervisor who I don't imagine is at all pleased his Board colleague is making fun of him and his serious lack of a sense of humor and heavy-handedness.

Today, another friend and nudist activist Mitch Hightower has created a new poster using the photo that cost taxpayers a pretty penny, and Patrick's pic of Avalos, to spank the Castro Supervisor.

Thank you, Mitch, and again I express deep gratitude to Patrick and Avalos for their contribution to holding the District 8 board member accountable with what he so sorely lacks . . . a good ribbing sense of humor!

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