Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Gay Lawyer Drops Out of District 8 Race

Late on Tuesday evening, the Department of Elections updated their Unofficial Candidates List for all races in the even districts of the Board of Supervisors' seats in the November election.

There are four challengers to the District 8 incumbent and they are Tom Wayne Basso and John Nulty and neither of whom is familiar to me, and nudist George Davis with whom I've been in touch with as the race progresses, and yours truly. The image above is cropped from the department's web site.

I'm sorry to see that progressive gay lawyer David Waggoner, former co-president of the Harvey Milk Democratic Club and one time attorney for Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi in the aftermath of bruising his wife's arm who faced removal from office stemming from domestic abuse charges, has opted not to run.

He would have energized that Democratic club and the progressive base, and frankly, after learning he had pulled papers and was considering a run, it's disappointing he won't be a challenger.

We'll find out on Wednesday afternoon who among the four potential challengers will be certified for ballot access when the Department of Elections announces the names.

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