Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Do You Like These Proposed Campaign Graphic Designs?

This post is a combination of two posts at my District 8 Supervisorial campaign's Facebook page. Be sure to go there and like the page, read the comments and add your feedback.

Post #1:

We're pleased to announce that our friend Mitch Hightower has created several graphic images for us to consider using for the campaign. Here is one that tickled our queer eyes and we'll post a few more next week. Give us your feedback. 

Let us know what you like about the image or if it does not appeal to you. We hope to have a terrific design that looks great on web sites and also as a poster for display in windows. Weigh in on the design and wording with constructive suggestions.

Post #2:

We are grateful to all our friends and supporters who provided us with constructive feedback and ideas about our first draft campaign design. Thanks to the expertise of volunteer Mitch Hightower, who has unleashed his graphic design talents, we now present you with a new proposed campaign image.

As you see, it is a stripped down design with reduced imagery and wording, and we believe makes for a more eye-pleasing poster, featuring striking use of the color purple.

It's important for us to engage you every step of this campaign for District 8 Supervisor, so we again are requesting helpful comments about this design. Here are a few questions we'd like you to answer.

Would you print it and put it in your apartment window? Copy it and use on your Facebook page and across your social networks?

We're looking forward to your insight and commentary.

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