Sunday, June 22, 2014

Weekend Woof #79: All BBC Edition

I hope you're enjoying the Pride season that's been blossoming in all sorts of ways, beautiful LGBT people and assorted colors of the rainbow. The membership of SF Pride voted Color the World With Pride as this year's theme, so here are a few BBCs - bodacious, black cuties.

Imagine my shock last weekend, when exiting the 16th Street BART concourse to hear one of Bach's cello concertos being played so beautifully. Who's performs Bach to please the pubic transit crowds? This tall dude named Corey. I was so impressed with his artistry, I stopped and listened till he finished, then tossed some bucks into his donations jar.

This fella had eye-catching tattoos on his thick arms when I saw him at the Safeway deli, but my camera didn't capture them so well.

One of my fave porn stars, Cutler X, was in the Castro earlier this week and lit up with a smile when I introduced myself. I've sent him fan notes over the years and to my surprised remembered me. Cutler, the very definition of BBC: big, black cock, agreed to strike poses for my camera only if I would be in some pics with him, so we grabbed a gay guys standing nearby to take shots of he and I together. During the shoot, Cutler turned to me insisting on a kiss and soon his tongue was in my mouth before we just locked lips!

We end this week's series with a shot of a mature dude who occasionally staffs the information booth at the UN Plaza farmer's market on Wednesday.

Thanks guys, for gracing the lens of my camera!

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