Saturday, June 28, 2014

What to Give Mike & Mike on Their 18th Anniversary? 

The answer to the header question is simple. The best gifts we could receive as we mark the 18th year since we met and became life-partner are love and congratulations.

In the week leading up to SF Pride 1995, Mike and I met at the My Place bar and transformed lust into love that has survived and flourished through lots of good times, normal everyday dealings, quite a few health and personal and political challenges, and we still laugh together as the years go by.

Mike has gone above and beyond the duties of a normal gay life-mate, and knowing me you all are aware of how challenging I can be, and stood at my side through almost-two decades. Not only that, he's come with me to see not one but two Bela Tarr films in theaters, "Werckmeister Harmonies" and "The Man From London". If that isn't genuine commitment, I don't know what is!

He is so easy to be with and has gifted me with his presents of unconditional love and forgiveness. Mike has been and continues to be my rock-solid friend, and we remain unwed. For us, a rental agreement has been more important than a marriage license.

Please join in our joy and celebration, on our 18th anniversary, and let's all have a loud and proud Happy LGBT Pride!

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