Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Shocker! Larry Kramer's $1,000 Donation to . . . 

Oh, Ned Weeks, say it ain't so! It was a jolt to read my old friend Larry Kramer's list of political donations at the federal level.

According to FEC records, in November 1987 Larry gave the Human Rights Campaign Fund $1,000. They've since dropped the F word from their name but still can't escape their "champaign fund" nickname due to all their swanky, elite galas.

I have no idea why and found it all a shock considering he had vociferously trashed the group for not being louder and more aggressive in demanding a better federal response to the AIDS plague.

At the time of the donation, ACT UP had been around for just over eight months and was gaining much attention and traction in political and media circles, not to mention there was a spurt of new ACT UP chapters after the New York City founding chapter made an inspiring splash in October 1987 at the March on Washington.

Well, as we all know Larry has been and still is a contradictory guy and this HRCF contribution is an interesting factoid about a fascinating man.

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