Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Nominating Papers Filed With Elections Department

On Monday, June 9 I turned in my nominating papers signed by registered voters in District 8 to the Department of Elections at City Hall. You need only twenty valid signatures to qualify for the ballot, I turned in thirty-eight and the department emailed me today saying I met this requirement.

(Photo credit: Bill Wilson.)

My campaign manager, who else but my life-mate Mike, was at my side as I filled in more forms necessary to gain ballot access and I wrote out a check for the $500 filing fee. Many huge thanks to all of you put your name on my nominating papers and/or donated funds. I truly could not have come this far in the campaign without your support.

Today I filed the form at the Ethics Commission stating I am will participate in the public financing matching funds programs, if I raise at least $10,000 from a minimum of San Francisco residents. Signing that form also commits me to joining at least three candidate debates before the November election, in order to receive the public funds. We'll see how this aspect plays out in the campaign season.

After taking care of business at the commission, I was back the elections office to file still more papers including my 200-word candidate's statement. That will appear in the voters guide a few week before mail-in voting begins.

With all the required paperwork taken care of before the deadline today at 5 pm for all potential Supervisorial candidates who want to appear on the ballot to turn in their forms, I now wait until Wednesday, June 11. Tomorrow afternoon, the Department of Elections will make all certified candidates filings available for public inspection, and it is at that point I will consider myself an official candidate for the District 8 seat on the Board of Supervisors.

As we wait for my certification to arrive, please read my candidate's statement:
My life-partner Mike Merrigan and I have been renters since 1996. District 8 has been hard-hit by Ellis Act and Owner Move-In evictions. We fear the tech boom jeopardizes the housing of too many of us.

As a candidate for District 8 Supervisor, I support the following:

Expand rent control to all housing built after 1978,

Require developers to sell or rent 25% of units in new buildings at below market rates,

Increase funding for Community Land Trusts to create affordable housing.

At City Hall, we must:

Establish monthly Question Time by citizens of Supervisors,

Strengthen public records access and the Sunshine Ordinance Task Force,

Create one website where all elected officials post monthly calendars, expense and travel reports, Reclaim public plazas for all citizens,

Audit every nonprofit receiving City funds especially HIV/AIDS groups,

End tax exemptions for profitable tech companies,

Charge Google buses appropriate fees,

Develop social programs for LGBT seniors, reopen gay bathhouses,

Allow voters to cast ballots for None of the Above every election.

A vote for me is a protest against gentrification, corporate and development greed. Together, let’s reclaim San Francisco for all people, not just the wealthy.

Act up! Fight back! Love life!

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