Saturday, June 28, 2014

Weekend Woof #80: Pre-Pride Bears & Boys

Happy LGBT Pride to all. I've got my latest batch of attractive dudes snapped my camera to share with you and a short video too. I can't believe this photographic series has reached number 80, when it seems like yesterday that I began this project. As always, many thanks to the guys for gracing my lens!

Does this hunky shaved head boy's blue shirt match the street furniture at the 16th Street BART well, or what?

Sorry about my camera cutting off everything above the nose of the big bear in the top pic. This beefy dude was quite a site in the meat department at Safeway!

A few fine guys of the construction worker variety seen around San Francisco in recent weeks.

We end today's edition with this video of big blond & ginger muscle bear shopping this week at the farmers' market on Noe Street.

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