Monday, June 23, 2014

Fire Hazard at BART Plaza, Pigeon Poop Proliferates

It's been nine-days since I first contacted gay BART director Tom Radulovich, gay elected officials Mark Leno, Tom Ammiano and David Campos, and various BART officials about the health hazards at the 16th Street and Mission plazas.

Unfortunately, the gay elected leaders and their staffers have not responded to my requests to help clean up the various filth, and despite promises from BART district secretary that the agency was taking my complaint seriously, the hazards have not been cleaned up.

Today I've emailed the head of the San Francisco Department of Public Health, Barbara Garcia, and the chief of the Fire Department, Joanne Hayes-White, requesting their assistance to get the plazas cleaned up. The text of my letter to them:

Dear Ms. Garcia and Ms. Hayes-White,

My concerns regarding the unsanitary conditions at the 16th Street BART plazas have been brought to the attention of the agency's leaders, however, no action has been taken in the nine-days since I first contacted BART about the health hazards at these public spaces used by thousands of people daily.

You can read my appeals to BART and gay elected officials to address this deplorable situation, along with viewing photo documentation gathered two week ago, here and here.

I was in the BART plaza close to the Walgreens over the weekend and can report that the disease-riddled pigeon poop next to the handrails by the steps and escalator is more prevalent. 

Last night, I noticed the poop is encrusted on top of the news racks near the Muni bus stop in front of Walgreens. When so much bird fecal matter is so close to where people put their hands while using the public plaza, the public health is jeopardized.

There is also a fire hazard presented by the food wrappers and newspapers that have accumulated on the cement shelf on the left of the down escalator. The fire department should inspect this area and witness not only the trash but also the cigar and cigarette butts mixed in with the papers.

In the interest of responsible public health and fire hazard prevention, I request that you take action today to address these concerns either by having your own staffers wash away the pigeon droppings and install pigeon spikes and remove the dried papers, or requesting that BART do so.

Clearly, after more than week of complaints from this member of the public, BART leaders need a push from you to make the public plaza free from health and fire hazards.

Please let me know by the close of business today what action you are taking to address these hazards to the public.

Michael Petrelis

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