Sunday, August 25, 2013

Weekend Woof #51: Dore, Dudes and Daddies

I took so many pix of lots of fine fellas at the recent Dore Alley Fair, they couldn't all fit into my report on the fair. Here are more of the dudes and Daddies from Dore. Many big thanks to all the guys for gracing my camera lens.

Striking a pose.

Genuine security guard, standing duty at a nearby business.

He gave off construction worker vibes all afternoon

Two solid furry men. Growl.

Drunk young skinny guy who's hair color matches his trunks.

Big Daddy Bear waiting to use the loo.

Tinky-Winky made an appearance at the fair this year.

The bouncer at the Powerhouse Bar, holding a patron's yellow clutch.

Handsome bear with fine gray facial fur.

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