Friday, August 16, 2013

GLAAD's IRS Filing for 2012: Where Is It?

(The SF Pride Parade included a collaborative float that joined GLAAD and Stoli vodka together.)

The Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation has never been fully committed to transparency. Until the Bay Area Reporter and myself began raising questions about the group's finances under the former executive director Jarrett Barrios, and his salary, GLAAD didn't post any IRS 990s on their site.

GLAAD's tax filing for 2011 revealed a $2.5 million deficit and I'm curious to learn what their 2012 filing contains, and wish it were posted to their financials page.

Previous 990s show GLAAD files its tax report with the IRS by mid July, so their 2012 has been filed with the Treasury Department and they are fully aware that federal law states the date upon which a nonprofit files with the IRS is the date when the filing must be available for public inspection.

Despite numerous email and vmail requests to GLAAD executives for the 2012 IRS 990, I've not received a reply nor the filing.

Hey, GLAAD, when are we gonna see your tax filing for 2012?

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