Friday, August 23, 2013

Pushy Pansies Prep Protest at Pro-Putin Church in San Francisco

This afternoon, community photographer Bill Wilson, right, and I took a few tests shots of how we will display our pro-gay propaganda this Sunday, August 25 at 11 am, at St Nicholas Russian Orthodox Church at 2005 - 15th Street near Church Street in San Francisco.

As members of Gays Without Borders, we and our allies have 25 posters with either this message: PUTIN + RUSSIAN CHURCH = HOMO-HATE!; or this: BOYCOTT RUSSIAN VODKA.

Whether you're part of the Dump Stoli and Boycott Russian Vodka movement or not, you'll have a choice of message to hold up.

We also are so pleased to announce that our good friends at SF Pride have donated ten rainbow flags measuring 6'x10' for use on Sunday.

We've printed up 100 postcards with the lyrics to our anthem "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" because after a few speeches, lots of chants and conversations with the parishioners, we're concluding the rally on a note of hope by raising our queer voices in song.

All the possible prep for the action has happened and I told a reporter today I know of only twenty folks totally committed to showing up. It's impossible to gauge if lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender San Franciscans and our allies beyond that number care enough to skip brunch and participate in the rally.

If you can be there, please leave a comment saying so or email me. You should also share the protest info via your social networks. Regardless of whether you're coming or are not in the San Francisco Bay Area but want to show solidarity with us as we show solidarity with LGBT Russians, we could use your assistance in creating awareness about the action.

For info on St Nicholas' links to Patriarch Kirill who recently said gays are a sign of the apocalypse, and is best friends with Vladimir Putin, click here.

See you this Sunday at 11 am at St Nicholas' church at 15th and Church Streets?

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