Tuesday, August 06, 2013

FB, Twitter: 750K McKellen Fans See Gay Russia Solidarity Pic

He's got quite an online following. Out gay actor and activist Sir Ian McKellen has 480,000 followers on Twitter and his Facebook page shows he has 269K likes, and today he's made those folks aware of his photo-op the other night.

(Permission granted to us the image, but please give credit to Gays Without Borders.)

The photo shows him holding a sign reading "Solidarity With Gay Russians!" and he's joined by myself on the left, my partner Mike Merrigan to his right, and out director Sean Mathias on the far right.

Many thanks to McKellen and Mathias for joining with LGBT around the globe showing support for gay Russians, condemning the escalating violence on that community and demanding repeal of Russia's homophobic laws.

Give lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender Russians more solidarity and share the photo, please, and link to McKellen's Facebook page and Twitter feed.

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