Wednesday, August 11, 2010

SF Appeal Parodies Chronicle's
Anti-Prop 8 Decision Op-Eds

Eve Batey, publisher of the SF Appeal, a terrific site keeping tabs on City Hall and local institutions, serves as a watchdog, one that bites when necessary, over the SF Chronicle. Eve today called my attention to what she's been up to on the continuing series of op-eds dumping on Vaughn Walker's Prop 8 trial decision.

Let's give her the floor, and be sure to follow the links:

Didn't know if you saw that we've been parodying the Chronicle's near-daily Open Forum pieces (Open Forum, as you know, is a Chron editorial board vetted, selected, and edited feature of articles from the community on a variety of subjects) by homophobic groups?

The whole Chron thing is very odd to me, I know they really went out of their way to make sure Open Forum was fair, and that it did not demonstrate "hate" (for example, they routinely refused submissions from white supremacy groups).

So why have they published 4 anti-gay op-eds since Judge Walker's ruling? I dunno, and I asked them, but they won't respond. But we're taking them to task.

Here's our most recent one, in response to today's Prop 8 op-ed in the Chron.

I don't want to bury you in links, but you can see the links to the Chron's recent past anti-gay op-eds and our other parodies in the short graf before the piece begins.
Keep up the great work, Eve, at the SF Appeal.

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